Glock® Drop-in Aluminum Trigger Variants

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This trigger set includes an aluminum flat faced trigger shoe with over travel adjustment screw (flat, flat indexed, or large flat), OEM gen 3 tuned trigger bar, OEM gen 4 housing with grail pin installed and fit to trigger set, 6 lb trigger spring, tuned minus connector (or other upon request), and reduced power safety plunger spring.

The set comes in a drop-in configuration ready for your gunsmith to install. Installation and safety checks are provided with the kit. Typical installation is 5 to 10 minutes. Check out the install and safety check page to get an idea of what to expect.

Pull weight for this kit is 3.5 pounds as measured at the bottom of the trigger shoe and should be within half a pound. The curved and flat indexed trigger shoes tend to feel heavier based on finger position being higher.

This setup can be configured heavier (half to a full pound) by using combinations of your OEM trigger and safety plunger spring instead of the provided springs. See the configurations page for more details. If a heavier setup is desired, specify pull weight and preferred connector (dot or standard) in the order notes at checkout.

This trigger kit ships within 3 to 5 business days if in stock and 1 to 2 weeks when not in stock. Orders are primarily shipped on Saturdays. Orders placed Saturday to Friday normally ship the following Saturday at latest when in stock. The 9mm models are continually stocked and other models will be stocked as ordered. Stock listings below apply to 9mm models.

Flat trigger shoe: out of stock
Flat indexed trigger shoe: out of stock
Large flat trigger shoe: out of stock

Notes: Order 9mm/gen 5 for 19x and 45 models. Polymer80®  frames have unique considerations and allow for greater pretravel reduction (select the P80 option). If ordering a gen 3 trigger for a Polymer80®, please let us know in the order notes. Our gen 3, P80, and gen 5 triggers use gen 4 housings optimized for each platform. Contact us for options for Timberwolf® frames and other models/generations not listed.