The Tactical Trigger Advantage

Short light pre-travel, extremely crisp wall, short balanced reset, safe and reliable

Designed for EDC

Maintains safeties with OEM equivalent margins

EDC reliability

OEM primer strike reliability, designed to operate even if enhancements fail

Unprecedented performance

Completely predictable take up, wall, break, reset

Not just another Glock® drop-in trigger

We don't believe in selling something you can easily do yourself at home. This is something completely new and unprecedented for Glock® triggers. The holy grail has been found with the conception of the grail pin. This does not just make the Glock® trigger better, it rivals the best triggers on any platform.

The video below shows what the grail pin does to a standard Glock® trigger.

The grail pin can be added to any Glock® trigger and eliminates stacking into the wall and provides an almost ideal crisp break. With the addition of reduced pre-travel, an over travel stop, and tuned connector, you have the Tactical Trigger setup. The grail pin is available exclusively in our trigger offerings. The video below describes our triggers.